Grant Application Guidelines


Specifically, we only consider unsolicited inquiries from organizations in the New York tri-state area, or national organizations that may also utilize funds in the broader international arena. Please be advised the foundation only makes grants to nonprofit organizations that have been granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Qualified organizations may submit inquiries for operating, program, endowment and capital funding needs that support the mission of our foundation. We specifically do not give grants for events or fundraisers. We also do not give grants to individuals.


Inquiries will be accepted throughout the year.  It is suggested that you make an initial contact to before making a formal grant proposal.  Please do not send unsolicited inquiries or grant proposals via paper mail to the foundation's mailing address, as these will not be considered or responded to.  

In order for the trustees to consider requests for funding, we require the submission of a written, uniform synopsis in the following format and which you can retrieve in either DOC or PDF format below:

In addition, we will be pleased to receive any brochures and a narrative page that you may wish to share with us.