We are a private foundation that operates based on the volunteer efforts of the Trustees and without paid staff that makes over twenty  grants per year.  Over the past seventeen years, through our June 2018 fiscal year end, we have granted nearly $23 million to various entities.
All of the Trustees are related to the founder and span three generations.  As such, we operate essentially as a family foundation with one exception - the bulk of the foundation's assets are the result of a bequest from Countess Moira Rossi.  We are bonded by the duty of philanthropy, stewardship and administration that encompasses our role as fiduciaries.   We are constantly learning as we collectively strive for excellence and mindfulness in carrying out our duty.

While it can be flattering to be recognized as a grantor, we recognize who the real heroines and heroes are - those who are on the front lines in every grantee organization - for it is they who are directly touching lives in meaningful ways - whether it be enrichment, supplement, nutrition, healing or relief.

Header images used with permission of Irene Wilson Art