All Stars Project - Development School for Youth

Each year, the All Stars Project involves more than 20,000 young people in development activities that give them the opportunity to perform and to grow.

We have transformed from a grassroots, all volunteer-run effort into a national model for engaging poverty through Afterschool Development and community organizing.  ASP is headquartered in New York City on West 42nd Street in a 31,000-square-foot performing arts and development complex and in 2013 opened the Scott Flamm Center for Afterschool Development, a 9,000-square-foot performing arts and development center in Newark, NJ.  With two centers and operations in seven cities across the country, we bring inner-city youth together with business and cultural leaders, academics, police officers and other caring adults to create new kinds of relationships and environments where everyone grows.

Connecting kids to the world of work.

In the Development School for Youth (DSY), young people ages 16 to 21 learn to perform as professionals, and they partner with business leaders across the country who conduct development workshops and provide paid summer internships at their companies.

How it works.

Inner-city teenagers learn how to create a professional performance in partnership with corporate leaders.

Young people experience the business world through a series of rigorous, high-level workshops and trainings where they learn to perform as professionals.  Business leaders from top companies conduct workshops and provide training in leadership and business including resume-writing, networking, public speaking and dressing professionally.

Program graduates are then placed in six-week paid summer internships where they continue to develop their leadership and professional skills and connect to the world of success.