Camp Exclamation Point

Camp Exclamation Point, Inc. (CAMP!) provides continuity and community to underserved rural Vermont kids through a weeklong residential summer camp.  Our 100+ campers have limited opportunities for such an experience because of a lack of financial resources, rural isolation, and disruption of life and education.  Many of their families are involved with agriculture and often move to follow available work.  Most of our campers are entering grades 3 to 8, along with a few older campers participating in a Teen Leadership Program.

Our driving principles are as follows:

  • Community: To provide a safe and welcoming environment for kids to be kids, where good citizenship is modeled and encouraged.
  • Continuity: To create a stable and rewarding experience that our campers enjoy returning for each summer, and to make this experience available to their brothers and sisters.
  • Choices: To empower children to make meaningful personal decisions, learn responsibility and build their self-esteem.
  • Core: To offer a program of experiences and activities in art and music, natural science, physical activity, water safety, nutrition and hygiene, and literacy.