New York Common Pantry

New York Common Pantry works toward the reduction of hunger and food insecurity through an array of programs that function to establish long-term independence for those we serve. Our whole-person approach starts with food provision through the distribution of nutritious, fresh food pantry packages in Choice Pantry and hearty balanced breakfast and dinner in the Hot Meals program. Supplemental food is provided to seniors aged 60 and older through Nourish. We then go further to address the reasons for food insecurity with case management services through the help of Help 365, which assists Pantry visitors in gaining access to resources, and Project Dignity, which connects homeless visitors to resources. The third vital element in our whole-person approach is education offered through our Live Healthy! program. Live Healthy! teaches children and adults about the importance of a nutritionally sound diet and active living, as well as provides them with the skills necessary to make healthier choices for their families.

New York Common Pantry is one of New York City’s largest single-site community based food pantries. Since opening in 1980 as a small neighborhood pantry serving 30 families, what was originally called Yorkville Common Pantry has grown into New York City’s most innovative emergency food provider offering meals and support services to nearly 400,000 individuals. Now known as New York Common Pantry, we have undertaken a multitude of new initiatives that help make a difference in the lives of our clients. While the programs have expanded and changed over the past 30 years, our mission to reduce hunger and promote dignity and self-sufficiency has remained constant. In addition, the Common Pantry’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in order to better serve the community’s needs has defined its unique standing among other food programs in New York City.