Special Olympics New York



Special Olympics New York offers year-round training and competition in 22 Olympic-style sports. Training clubs can be found in schools, service agencies and community recreation centers throughout the state.

Success in sports leads to success in life. Athletes build athletic skills and character traits that help them both on and off the field. Special Olympics offers athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents and to change the negatives stereotypes and misconceptions about people with intellectual abilities.


Special Olympics New York athletes participate in more than 200 competitions at local, regional, super regional, state, national and world levels. Competitions provide athletes with meaningful opportunities to test their sports skills and measure progress. They also provide an environment in which athletes are challenged and their achievements celebrated.Individuals with profound disabilities may participate in the Special Olympics Motor Activities Training Program (MATP), which emphasizes training and participation rather than competition.

Healthy Communities

Healthy Athletes Header Special Olympics Builds Healthy and Inclusive Communities.  We continuously work to strengthen the training and competitive experience of each Special Olympics athlete by promoting inclusive and healthy communities that create an environment of dignity and support the athlete’s health, fitness, and quality of life.  We believe people with intellectual disabilities deserve full access to quality healthcare.  We are creating a culture of inclusion and acceptance that will dramatically impact the health of our athletes and others intellectual disabilities.