Storytelling Arts

Storytelling Arts imparts stories and storytelling to help students connect learning with life skills.  Our vision is to transform the educational environment and empower students, teachers and parents to reach their full potential for the benefit of themselves and their community.

Storytelling Arts, Inc. was founded in 1996 to bring professional storytellers together who are dedicated to bringing stories and the power of storytelling to classrooms, educators, and community organizations. Since our inception, we have had the privilege to work with over 26,000 participants all across NJ and we are proud to have had a positive impact on educators, students, parents and communities.

Professional Development for Educators

  • Professional Development throughout New Jersey
  • Each Program is customized to fit the needs of the participants
  • Professional Development Credit is Provided

SAI residencies consist of multiple classroom visits for students.

  • Programs are designed to fit any type of student or classroom.
  • Professional Storytellers offer exemplary models as they introduce students to the art of storytelling
  • All programs are uniquely designed through collaboration between SAI Storytellers and the program site

Professional Storytellers will teach Parents about the importance of storytelling in their families and help engage them in a fun and interactive way to their child’s education.

  • Helps children understand their place in the world
  • Can help children cope with a difficult situations or experiences
  • Can help your child become socially proficient
  • Is a perfect way to teach life lessons
  • Helps to strengthen the child-parent bond