The Trust for Public Land

The Trust for Public Land’s Vision and GIS service uses cutting-edge research and innovative mapping techniques to create parks, protect open space, and deliver community-driven conservation plans.

Greenprinting is our GIS-based service that helps communities prioritize their park and conservation goals. Using spatial analysis (GIS) in a transparent mapping and modeling process, a Greenprint delivers both a long-term vision for conservation and a concrete plan to protect the places most important to a community.  

Our greenway and trail services range from big-picture guidance to the nuts and bolts of planning: estimating construction and maintenance costs, determining trail locations through community input, fundraising consulting, and acquiring land and easements.  Our experts provide strategic analysis and planning of large landscapes. These GIS-based plans help communities build partnerships, develop policies, and secure funding for conservation.

The Trust for Public Land helps state and local governments design, pass, and implement legislation and ballot measures that create new public funds for parks and land conservation. We’ve helped pass more than 527 ballot measures—an 81 percent success—creating $68 billion in voter approved funding for parks, land conservation, and restoration. Every $1 invested in this program has generated more than $2,000 in new public funds.

The Trust for Public Land helps structure, negotiate, and complete land transactions that create parks, playgrounds, and protected natural areas. We buy land from willing landowners and then transfer it to public agencies, land trusts, or other groups for permanent protection. In some instances, we will protect land through conservation easements, which restrict development but permit traditional uses such as farming and ranching.