YMCA of New Rochelle

CMCF donated to the Pool capital campaign to help the YMCA qualify for a state grant

Local, county and state officials – led by New Rochelle Legislator Jim Maisano and Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni – teamed with local good Samaritans at the YMCA as the “ Be a Lifesaver ” fundraiser continues as they seek to save the pool, which has been a community hub for decades.

Last year, while doing work on the drop roof over the pool, contractors discovered that steel beams in the ceiling had been corroded due to moisture that built up throughout the years, forcing the YMCA to replace it. The pool has been closed since last November, prompting the $1.3 million “Be a Lifesaver” fundraising campaign.

More than 150 people attended the latest fundraiser, which raised nearly $30,000. Maisano praised the efforts of local restaurants, which donated all of the food for the event, William O’Shaughnessy and WVOX for being the main sponsor and the various officials that helped make the fundraiser a success.

“I’m proud of our effort to save the New Rochelle YMCA pool,” he noted. “We had a wonderful fundraiser, and so far we have raised $27,000, with more coming in.”

Because it is an independent YMCA, the New Rochelle branch does not receive support from the larger, national YMCA organization. Due to this distinction, officials have been forced to reach out to the community it’s assisted for more than three decades.